The SEED Workforce Wallet connects talent to the world of work

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The problem

Talent is More Than Degrees, Certificates & Resumes

Currently, 75 million Americans are denied access to high-quality jobs and careers simply because they lack standardized career credentials like a 4-year degree. Talent is more than a college degree, and future work demands more flexible pathways for recognizing the value of talent.

The solution

Fathom's Seed Wallet

The Seed Wallet makes it easy to prove who you are, what you know, and what you can do. Our talent management tools reward individuals for documenting their talent while streamlining data verifications and personalized career recommendations.

How do we reimagine a world of work that works for all?

A new Path forward

Universal Talent Management

Fathom is working with state departments of labor and workforce boards around the nation to streamline the reporting of near real-time labor market information. By leveraging the national infrastructure of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA), our talent management tools equip service providers with the data they need to promote the upward mobility and national security of the American workforce.

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We believe in a world that equitably values the talents and contributions of all work. Only together can we reimagine a world of work that works for us all.