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Fathom is a workforce company offering universal talent management solutions.


At Fathom, we believe the world needs a new way of approaching work - one that prioritizes people and their potential.

We envision a future of work defined by human ingenuity. We see a world where every individual has the power to unlock their full potential, where companies can access a global talent pool, and where talent is valued for its diversity and creativity.

To make this vision a reality, we're developing a universal talent management solution that centers on self-sovereign identity, data ownership, talent management, and workforce development.


Reimagine a world of work that equitably values the talents and contributions of all


Reduce barriers to employment and promote the upward career mobility of learners and earners everywhere


Our core values guide everything we do at Fathom, and we are committed to creating a world that values and supports these values.


The key to unlocking human potential. We believe everyone should have the power to take control of their career and build the life they want. This means building tools and solutions that give people control over their professional identity and unique capabilities.


It's at the heart of our approach to work. We believe that the best way to unlock human ingenuity is to create work environments where people can be their authentic selves. We celebrate diversity and welcome people from all walks of life to join our community.

Community Building

The bedrock of human capability. We believe work is about more than just a paycheck. It's about establishing bonds with those who share our values and goals. We're committed to creating a community where everyone can thrive and grow.


This is an essential component for human advancement. At Fathom, we believe that every problem can be solved with creativity, collaboration, and persistence. We're building a platform that empowers people to solve problems and create innovative solutions.

Workforce Transformation

This is essential to harnessing human capital. The world of work is changing rapidly. Talent management solutions are required to help people navigate this changing landscape and future-proof their careers.


Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
JoAdel Adeola
Founder & CEO
NSF I-Corps Alumni.
Lean innovation management, customer development, workforce development.
Julie Dunlap
Co-founder & Head of Research
NSF I-Corps Alumni, Vanderbilt M.Ed.
Organizational development, R&D, grants management
John Morales-Marquez
Co-founder & CTO
DLT/Blockchain Technology, systems engineering, and cloud computing
Marvin Smith
Head of Product
User experience, research, user-centered design and prototyping 
Gerald Mitchell
Product Design
User experience, research, user-centered design and prototyping 
John Hellrung
Data Engineer
Data modeling, pipeline, system integration, data quality assurance and management 
Keqing (Lily) Liu
Data Science Intern
Vanderbilt's Data Science Institute, machine learning, and natural language processing
Omari Byrd
Content Developer
Media production, content development, and community engagement
Deanna Meador
Business Advisor
Deputy Director at Vanderbilt’s Wond’ry Innovation Center and NSF I-Corps mentor & regional hub director
Pam Frugoli
Subject Matter Advisor
Workforce Analyst, Occupational Information System Specialist, U.S. Department of Labor
Peter Blair
Subject Matter Advisor
Professor & Researcher, Harvard’s School of Education and co-director of the Project on Workforce
The Problem

Lack of interoperability creates significant barriers.

As of 2021, over 1 million unique credentials were used to describe learning & inform labor market decision-making. They include everything from the more formal degrees, diplomas, & licenses to the less formal but increasingly more common digital badges & online course completions.

While this explosive growth in unique credentials corresponds to the need for more flexible accreditation pathways for individual workers & learners, the lack of interoperability amongst accrediting bodies creates significant barriers for individuals who must prove what they know and can do and for frontline providers who must make dynamic decisions based on near real-time talent data.

Lack of shared standards for describing learning, skills, & credentials

Reinforced barriers to employment for marginalized learners & workers

Organizations & providers overburdened by manual documenting, verifying, and reporting of labor market data

Distorted market signals & misaligned services fail to meet labor market needs

the solution

We're reimagining a world of work that values and includes all talents.

The SEED Workforce Wallet is your portal into the Fathomverse, a Peer-to-Peer talent network for documenting, verifying, and sharing talent credentials. Furthermore, learners and earners in the network are equipped with more flexible approaches to proving their knowledge, skills, and work experiences without relying on centralized authorities and third-party intermediaries. These innovations aim to bridge critical gaps in national workforce development while empowering individual learners and earners with greater agency and control over their talent records.

VC-backed LER Wallets for Learners & Workers- Provide more flexible approaches for workforce participants to document verifiable evidence of personal learning, skills, and work experiences to access employment and career advancement opportunities.

Integrated Case Management Solutions for Providers- Automating burdensome tasks for manually documenting, verifying, and reporting participant intake and outcome data to save workforce providers time while improving longitudinal data quality.


Our Distributed Workforce Technology (DWT) eliminates time and labor costs.

Our Distributed Workforce Technology (DWT) eliminates time and labor costs associated with human capital management for individuals, learning institutions, employers, and workforce organizations.

  • Seamlessly integrate talent recognition and management to connect disparate talent data across life, work, and learning domains

  • Catalyzing sustainable local talent pipelines and accessible on-ramps to high-quality employment for marginalized learners & earners

  • Reducing burdens on ecosystem frontline providers by equipping them as career navigation specialists while reducing intensive case management tasks

  • Testing and promoting practices for distributed, free agent workforce models for employers, local government, and gig workers

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