Learners + Earners

Seize Your Potential

Long gone are the days of the singular path from a clear-cut college degree to a lifelong commitment to a one-stop career. Unfortunately, just as test scores and resumes fail to adequately capture our talent's true value, traditional education and labor markets also fail to sufficiently cultivate and utilize our abilities to drive meaningful change in society.

Fathom recognizes that future careers require dynamic pathways of work and learning that harness the unique talents of every one of us. We believe that collectively we can work together to solve the problems of the past and build a better path toward the future.

That's why we are reimagining the future of work with talent at the economy's core. This means putting the power in the hands of individual learners and earners as the agents, managers, proprietors, and benefactors of their learning, skills, and work experiences.

"Work is not only a means of survival and meeting basic livelihood requirements. It's a means of self-expression, self-actualization, and meaningful engagement in one's community."

- Susan Davis

Skills to Pay
the Bills

Creating your SEED Wallet gives you access to talent recognition protocols where you can earn Fractal from work completed. Then, earn additional Fractal by documenting how you use your talents to get work done.

How does it work?

SEED Wallet connects talent to the world of work.

SEED Wallet's initial rollout empowers learners and earners in navigating the evolving world of work, nurturing talents, and unlocking upward career opportunities.



In the talent economy of the future, learners and earners must control their talent data and how their personally identifiable information is accessed and used. Beyond owning your data, the Seed Wallet recognizes you as the owner and authenticator of your talent data and credentials. From certificates, licenses, and degrees to resumes, work experiences, projects, and creative contributions, the Seed Wallet lets you control how your talent is mobilized in the world.


Fractal Tokens

Fractal Tokens, stemming from our talent recognition protocol, redefine how you document your talent journey. Serving as a universal talent standard, these tokens are the backbone of your Proof-of-Talent credentials, gaining even more significance in the dynamic landscape of the Web3 World of Work. Seamlessly integrated into the SEED Wallet, Fractal Tokens empower you to store, share, or even sell your achievements, fostering a new era of trust, recognition, and value exchange in the realm of talents.