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Minding the Gap

The current time presents an unprecedented opportunity to repair and revolutionize how we train, match, document, and mobilize talent in our nation's economy.

Fathom is dedicated to enhancing workforce development by collaborating closely with workforce boards and agencies nationwide. Our mission is to empower students, workers, and job seekers by offering personalized navigation tools throughout their career journey. We understand the pivotal role of frontline providers as connectors between talent and the complex network of educators, employers, and supportive services essential for clients' success.

Fathom's digital tools are meticulously designed to bolster frontline providers' efforts in streamlining workforce training, service delivery, and talent management. Our products and services are in alignment with the US Department of Labor's Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and we harness the power of distributed ledger technology to establish a secure, trusted, and decentralized infrastructure for documenting and sharing workforce data.


Seamlessly integrate talent recognition and management to connect disparate talent data across life, work, and learning domains


Catalyze sustainable local talent pipelines and accessible on-ramps to high-quality employment for marginalized students, workers, and job seekers


Reduce burdens on ecosystem frontline providers by equipping them as career navigation specialists while reducing intensive case management tasks


Test and promote practices for distributed, free agent workforce models for employers, local government, and gig workers

Time for a

As our workforce becomes more automated, a significant number of Americans are being left without jobs, leading to increased vulnerability and insecurity in our labor markets. The need for change is evident. Federally-funded workforce development initiatives currently operate within a fragmented ecosystem of isolated agencies and mismatched education and training systems. This disjointed structure results in data bottlenecks that impede the flow of improvements in all directions.

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We're building an immersive talent ecosystem.

We're building an immersive talent ecosystem powered by the blockchain for learners and earners to document and authenticate their skills, work experiences, and credentials in real-time.

why blockchain?

Labor for the
Future of Work

As highlighted by the American Council of Education, blockchain technology combined with open data standards can provide the technological infrastructure to "...create more efficient, durable connections between education and work" and decentralize education and work by "...managing data, transactions and relationships differently".

Our model leverages the power of blockchain to support lifelong learning, career advancement, and socioeconomic mobility through the qualitative evaluation of talent credentials. Proofs of Talent Artifacts are created by documenting evidence of talents while learners and earners move through the Fathomverse ecosystem. Through blockchain-enabled protocols for describing and verifying talent, Fathom's method streamlines case management and eliminates data bottlenecks and client follow-up burdens.