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Fathom Founders Selected for the Prestigious National Science Foundation's I-Corps Program

Fathom's founders join NSF's I-Corps program, aiming to revolutionize workforce talent management with adaptive learning tech.
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Fathom PBC
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December 16, 2019
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Nashville, TN

Workforce innovation startup Fathom announced today that its founders were selected to participate in the renowned National Science Foundation's I-Corps program. This selection is a testament to the team's innovative approach to reimagining workforce talent management pipelines.

Fathom co-founders JoAdel Adeola and Julie Dunlap, PI, Gayathri Narasimham and business mentor, Deanna meador

The I-Corps team, helmed by Entrepreneurial Lead Julie Dunlap from Vanderbilt University and Co-Entrepreneurial Lead Joseph Adeola, CEO of Fathom, will delve into the capabilities of adaptive learning technology. Their objective is to optimize learning for young adults and create a predictive model for talent management pipelines that cater to U.S. K-12 schools, universities, and workforce ecosystems.

Supported by their interdisciplinary team's extensive knowledge and expertise, Fathom's founders aim to revolutionize how young adults navigate the complex terrain from school to the workforce. The I-Corps program will fund and support the team in conducting rigorous customer discovery. Their potential customers range from educational institutions to large corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Deloitte, and even extend to local governments providing workforce funding and initiatives.

By the end of their I-Corps journey, Fathom hopes to have a clearer roadmap for designing their adaptive learning platform. The technology aims to address current challenges in the talent management sector and bring solutions to streamline education and workforce alignment.

If successful, the broader impacts of this innovation are monumental:

  1. Enhancing the transition from school to workforce, contributing to better economic development and mobility.
  2. Revolutionizing higher education to aptly prepare students for today's job market.
  3. Streamlining talent management and organizational development processes.
  4. Predicting and training future employees in line with emerging local workforce trends.

As Fathom takes this leap into the future of talent management, the potential implications for learners, educators, businesses, and communities are vast.

To learn more about Fathom's NSF I-Corps project, watch Co-founder and Director of Research Julie's overview in the NSF I-Corps submission video.

Learn more about the National Science Foundation's I-Corps program: 

About Fathom:

Fathom is a workforce innovation company offering universal talent management solutions for the World of Work. Their unique approach seeks to eliminate barriers in the education-to-employment ecosystem and pave the way for upward career mobility. 

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