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Fathom Triumphs at Vanderbilt's The Wond’ry PostLaunch Pitch Event

Fathom triumphs at Vanderbilt's Wond’ry PostLaunch pitch, securing microgrant and National I-Corps eligibility. Passion & vision recognized.
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Fathom PBC
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April 19, 2019
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Nashville, TN

Fresh off their exhilarating journey as participants in Vanderbilt's The Wond’ry PostLaunch program, the founders of Fathom proudly announce their recent achievement. At the program’s conclusion, Fathom presented a compelling pitch that not only captivated the panel but also earned them a distinguished selection for a microgrant.

The PostLaunch program, spread over seven weeks, is meticulously designed for budding entrepreneurs who have successfully completed market validation and are poised to navigate the complex terrain of launching a venture. Fathom's acceptance into the program was a significant milestone, as shared in a prior release.

Key Achievements:

  • Microgrant Award: Fathom was selected by the expert panel to receive a microgrant through the NSF I-Corps site funding. This funding is a testament to Fathom's commitment to customer discovery and its promising potential in the market.
  • National I-Corps Program Eligibility: The victory also brings with it eligibility for the National I-Corps program, offering an additional $50K in funding if Fathom secures a position there.

Judges' Feedback Highlights:

  • Praised for a compelling avatar/story featuring "Jay."
  • Recognition for a well-targeted roadmap.
  • The team's passion and capability to execute the vision were notably highlighted.

Constructive feedback centered on differentiating from competitors, the acquisition of content, and building a robust advisory board of experts in Education and Social/Emotional Learning.

Robert Grajewski, Evans Family Executive Director at the Wond’ry, congratulated the Fathom team, saying, "I am excited to see where this takes you!" He further encouraged the team to harness the feedback and insights from the judges to refine their strategy and fortify their position in the industry.

The Fathom team expresses profound gratitude for the insights shared and is already gearing up to address the feedback. As they embark on this next chapter of their entrepreneurial story, their mission remains undeterred – to redefine workforce development and education for the modern world.

About Fathom:

Fathom is a workforce innovation company offering universal talent management solutions for the World of Work. Their unique approach seeks to eliminate barriers in the education-to-employment ecosystem and pave the way for upward career mobility. 

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