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Fathom's Proposal Approved by South Big Data Hub’s SEEDS Program

Fathom's proposal for advanced workforce management wins approval in South Big Data Hub's SEEDS Program #DataScience #WorkforceDevelopment
Published by
Fathom PBC
Published on
December 4, 2023
Published in
Nashville, TN

Fathom is proud to announce the approval of its proposal by the South Big Data Hub’s SEEDS Program. The proposal, titled "Catalyzing Data Innovation and Distributed Talent Management Cyberinfrastructure to Revolutionize the Public Workforce System in the US South," reflects Fathom's dedication to revolutionizing workforce management through advanced data solutions.

This initiative focuses on developing cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure to enhance talent management in the public workforce system, particularly in the US South. With an emphasis on data innovation, Fathom's project aims to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and foster a more dynamic workforce landscape.

The approval of this proposal by the SEEDS Program is a testament to Fathom's innovative approach and potential impact in the realm of workforce development. As Fathom continues to gain traction as a startup, this endorsement marks a significant step forward in its journey to reshape workforce strategies through technology and data science.

The South Big Data Hub’s SEEDS Program is an initiative to enhance data science skills and foster innovation in the southeastern United States. It focuses on:

  1. Encouraging Innovative Projects: Supporting proposals that bring novel solutions to data science challenges.
  2. Promoting Diversity: Emphasizing diverse participation from various sectors to enrich the data science field.
  3. Skill Development: Aiming to elevate the data science competencies of participants.
  4. Collaborative Approach: Facilitating partnerships between academia, industry, and community for impactful data science projects.

The SEEDS Program is integral to the South Big Data Hub's mission to advance data science and analytics in the region.

About Fathom:

Fathom is a workforce innovation company offering universal talent management solutions for the World of Work. Their unique approach seeks to eliminate barriers in the education-to-employment ecosystem and pave the way for upward career mobility. 

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